QUOVIS has engaged Engineering Teams to develop and build new, High Technology systems for autonomous and independent drive systems for a variety of applications.

These cutting edge systems to activate the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel using driving aids controlled by microprocessors.


Individuals can now "Drive by Wire". These microprocessors transmit the signals in nanoseconds to servos for the brake and accelerator controls ... other servos handle the steering.

control stick

"Plug and Play" technology will enable us to change controls for a variety of disability challenges. This breakthrough allows persons with low residual strength, minimum movement capabilities and even those without limbs to safely drive a car.

QUOVIS design, engineering and production philosophy is radically different from traditional automotive manufacturers.

QUOVIS is built for wheelchair users ... Hand controls for gas & brake, air-conditioning, and power accessories are standard.

QUOVIS features an economical front wheel drive power train with Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT) and is powered by a 505cc fuel-injected computer controlled engine. This technology enables Quovis drivers to achieve 90 mpg in urban areas.

The QUOVIS is equipped with an excellent range of standard equipment and has several components that increase the occupants' safety. In addition, we offer our customers a number of adaptations to increase driving comfort.

QUOVIS has engineering teams that have created additional driving control adaptations for clients that have range of motion challenges. These adaptations include:
Primary Controls
Systems that control Gas, Brake, and Steering functions.
Secondary Controls Systems that control all other electro-mechanical functions.
Voice Activation of Secondary Controls Voice activation of secondary controls while driving, such as Climate Control, Shifter Functions, Turn Signals, Horn, Headlamps, Headlight Dimmer, Wipers, Windows and radio.

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