Drive a Quovis Free !

Sounds great doesn’t it ?
Well anything worth having will take a bit of work … but you will drive free … so here is the plan.

Local businesses are constantly looking for unique advertising ideas. The Quovis is the perfect advertising attention getter. Yes, you will be driving an advertisement for a local business.

It is a win-win for both of you … you drive free and the business has a unique advertising campaign 365 days a year.



How to find a business advertiser:

1. List all the local business that are on your normal driving route:

  • Insurance Agents and Lawyers
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Local Banks and Drug Stores
  • Home heating and air-conditioning contractors
  • Restaurants and Stores
  • Auto service centers and body shops
  • Beauty salons and nails
  • Print shops and office support services

2. List the people that know you and have abusiness
3. Make Appointments

How to make the sale:
1.Make copies of the:

2. The hardest part of this plan is motivating yourself to make appointments and to visit with business owners. It will likely take several presentations before someone says yes. This is a new advertising concept … it will take time and several presentations for you to find the business owner with vision.
3. Never lose sight of the reward … free local transportation … fast, easy and fun.
4. Make appointments with the business owners and present the plan.
5. They will get 365 days of advertising via their logo and advertising graphics on your Quovis. You agree to drive a given route or a rotating route that you both agree will serve the business’ advertising needs.
6. The business owner signs the advertising contract. The price will be the cost of the Quovis based on a 60 month loan plus monthly insurance fees. Typically it will cost the business $500 per month for your advertising service.
7. Your Dealer will help you find a sign/graphics design service to install the graphics on the Quovis or Vexel Automotion will design and install the graphics before the vehicle is shipped. For Vexel to provide this service we will work directly with the business to design the graphics.
8. You should be prepared for business owners who want an advertising contract and time commitment of only one or two years. This means that you need find other businesses willing to advertise and the car will need new graphics. For contracts less than 60 months you need to charge the business an additional $1,000 for graphic removal and surface preparation.
9. You will need to collect or have an accounting service collect the monthly advertising fees from the business. Collection on a consistent basis is important since you are the one responsible for the Quovis payment.
10. Most Important … Remember that you are providing an advertising service for your client … be flexible and be willing to change routes and routines that serve the needs of your client. Your willingness to serve the needs of your sponsor will ensure a long and happy relationship that will enable you to Drive a Quovis Free.

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